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What is my new book, Above The Noise, all about? Brand clarity, brand strategy, then applying that clarity to maximize your visibility online. Lack of clarity around a brand and marketing strategy is a major reason marketers, companies and entrepreneurs don't succeed.

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Above The Noise - digital public relations book by Carrie Morgan

The Internet is an overwhelming cacophony,
each brand fighting to rise...


This is a MUST-READ if you've learned the basics of social media and blogging, but struggle to create results and revenue.

It's a formula for lift.



Above The Noise - PR book endorsed by Jay Baer

Above the Noise is the owners' manual for the modern PR professional. Sound, specific and imminently useful, you'll refer back to this book over and over again.”

- Jay Baer, New York Times best-selling author of Youtility, president of Convince & Convert

Above The Noise - PR book endorsed by Chris Brogan

"The digital side of public relations and trust above that are vital. Carrie Morgan gives you a lot to think about, and even more to implement. Dig in, and get ready for your next level.”

- Chris Brogan, author of Trust Agents, CEO Owner Media Group

Above The Noise - PR book endorsed by Ann Handley

“If you are looking to be more visible to and more authentically credible with those you want to do business with, Carrie Morgan's lovely book contains your prescription.”

- Ann Handley, CCO of MarketingProfs and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everybody Writes
Above The Noise - PR book endorsed by Mark Schaefer

"An effective antidote for Content Shock, Carrie's integrated, digital vision will help your business cut through the noise and become the signal."

- Mark Schaefer, author of The Content Code


Above The Noise - PR book foreword by Gini Dietrich

"If you change your thinking from push to pull, begin to have two-way conversations, really listen to the feedback you get, and provide valuable information that is helpful, you will end up exactly where you set out to be: an authority in your industry."

- Gini Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks, Founder/CEO Arment Dietrich

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Helium: A Digital Storybook – the free book bonus for Above The Noise by Carrie Morgan


HELIUM: A Digital Storybook is a curated collection of infographics specifically chosen to support each key area of the book.

These helpful images are designed to take ideas and tactics in the book one step further, so you can integrate them more easily... giving you even more lift for your brand.

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Who is this author?

Public relations author Carrie Morgan, Phoenix, AZTop 1% influencer Carrie Morgan is a digital public relations professional in Phoenix, AZ, who helps her clients become more vibrant and visible online.

When she isn’t wrangling journalists, herding cats and putting out fires for Rock The Status Quo (her PR firm). she moderates one of the largest public relations Twitter chats in the U.S., blogs, and guzzles iced coffee by the gallon while maniacally sending tweets.

She's also a left-handed bookworm who once taught a swami to roller-skate.

Morgan is a 20+ year veteran of agency and corporate marketing for clients like American Express Financial, Fidelity National Title, Healthways, Move.com, Sun Health, Keller Williams and the Better Business Bureau.

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